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How to Lift Heavy Items to Avoid Back Injury

Many of us have found ourselves getting more involved in physical activity as we find ways to stay busy at home. Some of us have taken up gardening, Do-It-Yourself home improvement projects and even trying a hand at our own Interior Designing. If you haven't been doing this before, you may find yourself, causing more harm than the good you seek to do for yourself.

Tip when Lifting:

  1. Keep both feet planted on the floor - Having a secure body position ensures safety to avoid falls

  2. Bend both knees to reach the item - Bending over to lift a heavy item places your spine under stress and increasing the risk of disc dysfunction

  3. Keep the heavy item close to you - Anything closer to your sense of gravity is less work for the body to control and maintain movement with added weight

  4. Turn with your feet [DO NOT TWIST] - Your spine is already supporting an additional load, so a twisting motion of the spine can cause more duress

Here's a visual to help you understand some of the tips we've shared.

We hope this helps you and would love to hear your comments on if this has made things easier.

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