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Relieving that tricky Neck Pain

There's so many things that you have to get done, but can't seem to complete due to that annoying neck pain, funny numbness in the arm and hand or even pins and needles. Having a poor posture (round shoulders and forward head) and constantly looking down at your phone is more damaging to you than you know.

Did you know, the average weight of a head is 10 -13 lbs?

The more your head leans forward and down the more is placed on your spine to stabilise your head. This poor posture also places the head out of the centre of gravity, thus causing it to feel heavier.

The weight of your head with this poor posture, can increase up to 62 lbs.

Here are few tips to manage the outcome of poor posture;

  1. Rest & Ice - Your joints in your spine are working overtime and are now placed under so much pressure that leads to inflammation in the bones and discs in between.

  2. Maintain a good posture - Try to observe your desk, keep your head inline with your shoulders and keep your shoulders down and back

  3. Try these exercises

Seek a Medical Professional

Your physical therapist can help with a guided stretch & strengthening rehabilitation program to alleviate your pain.

For more information, reach out to us and we'd be happy to answer your questions.

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