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All About Ankle Sprains

What is an Ankle Sprain? An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments that surround and connect the bones of the leg to the foot.

The injury typically happens when you accidentally twist or turn your ankle in an awkward way. This can stretch or tear the ligaments that hold your ankle bones and joints together.

All ligaments have specific boundaries to move that allow them to keep the joints stabilized. When ligaments surrounding the ankle are pushed past these boundaries, it causes a sprain.

Causes for Ankle Sprain – An ankle sprain often occurs when the foot suddenly twists or rolls, forcing the ankle joint out of its normal position.

During some activity, the ankle may twist inward/outward as a result of sudden or unexpected movement resulting in one or more ligaments around the ankle to stretch or tear.

Ankle sprains can happen to anyone at any age. Participating in sports, walking on uneven surfaces, or even wearing inappropriate footwear can all cause this type of injury.

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain – Some swelling or bruising can occur as a result of tears. You may also feel pain or discomfort when you place weight on the affected area.

You may have a sprained ankle if you notice the following symptoms in the ankle: swelling • tenderness • bruising • pain • inability to put weight on the affected ankle • popping sound

The ankle can sustain many different types of injuries. It’s important to see your doctor when you’re experiencing problems with your ankle to determine whether the injury is a sprain or something more severe.

Treatment for Sprained Ankle –

There are essential treatment aims that need to be covered to effectively rehabilitate your sprained ankle and prevent recurrence. Treatment options are based on how severe the injury is; icing, resting, physical therapy or surgery.

Ankle Sprains can happen to anyone! You can download our free exercise program and use this at home for your ankles.

It is important to remember to consult with your physical therapist or medical professional before attempting any of these exercises.

HEP2GO - Ankle Exercises
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