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Meet the Director

Dr.Wynelli Pierre , DPT, ATRIC

Through her exposure to aquatic therapy during her time of studies, she became inspired by this niche of physical therapy to provide this service to the community of Trinidad and Tobago. Her appreciation for the various benefits of water, developed a business focused on improving the care and wellbeing of the patient through an easier and more comfortable rehabilitation environment. With a healthy team around her, Enhance Rehab Services has since expanded to continue to provide exceptional care through a land based Physical therapy location. To adapt to our ever-changing world, the company has now ventured into a new avenue of healthcare and will be utilising the availability of technology to provide tele-health services.

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Tele-Health now available!

The Ultimate Method to Keep your Progress on Track.

Times are changing and we are all being called to embrace the many things that are changing with it. Enhance Rehab Services introduces their Tele-Health Services providing both Online Physiotherapy Appointments and General Physician Consultations.