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Ready to begin your rehabilitation journey?

Here's what you need to know before booking with us:

  • You will need a referral letter from a physician or specialist with a clear diagnosis.

  • You will need to walk with any reports, x-rays or MRIs for our Physiotherapists to review

  • You will need to provide a list of any medication you may be taking prior to beginning your rehabilitation

Interested in Aquatic Therapy sessions?

  • Participation in these sessions as part of your rehab journey, will ultimately be decided by your Physiotherapist after your first In-office physical evaluation.

  • Unless advised otherwise by your Physiotherapist, your rehab process will also include land sessions to improve your progress.

  • Participation in our pool will require the patient to have a high level of functional independence as there is no lift to enter or exit the pool.

  • Unfortunately, due to the high amount of persons required to participate in aquatic therapy for their recovery; we are unable to facilitate persons requesting our service for general fitness at this time.


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