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2024 Course Listing

  • Evaluation & Treatment of the Pelvic Patient
    Evaluation & Treatment of the Pelvic Patient
    Sat, 20 Jul
    Online Course
    20 Jul 2024, 8:30 am – 21 Jul 2024, 5:30 pm
    Online Course
    With this course you will gain the knowledge required to treat MOST pelvic floor dysfunctions. It is designed to help you approach any pelvic floor dysfunction and know what to look for and how to treat it
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Some Courses do not feature a Student Ticket based on its requirements.

Payment Plans


All Enhance Education courses are eligible for staggered payment options. To take advantage of these send us an email at A form is usually provided upon registration for a course.

2024 Course FAQ's

  1. Are these Courses solely theory based?
    No! We work with our course presenters in ensuring all courses include a practical component.

  2. Will I need anything for these practicals?
    You sure do! Upon registration, the items required will be provided specific to the that course's requirements.

  3. How am I going to remember everything we went through during each course?
    Each course provides supporting material which will be available to you prior to the courses' execution. In some cases, the pre-reading material as well as course material is provided upon completion of the course.

  4. Will there be demos?
    There will be a few! In both our online and live course that features a practical component, there will be several demonstrations, as well as feedback from the lecturer as you practice!

  5. Will there be a quiz?
    To provide you with your certificate of completion, you must complete an assessment to ensure you understand the basic foundations of this course.

  6. Can I do more than one course within the year?
    Of course you can! You can utilise our MULTIPASS code at checkout of the courses you would like to register for. 

  7. Do I have to pay right away?
    No! You do not need to pay right away. When you register you're ensuring your space is booked! Further details on payment schedules are provided upon registration. Some courses will require a downpayment. Our payment options include credit card or online banking transfer. 

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